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Weighted Shoulder Wraps

A weighted GingerWraps item can be a weighted blanket, shoulder wrap, lap-pad or neck-wrap which gives the wearer a comfortable level of deep pressure stimulation. This pressure stimulation allows the user to relax their muscles under the weight of the item and to finally get some relief from the stresses of the day. The comfort of the weight supports the user’s need for being snug and wrapped.

Using a Weighted Shoulder Wrap:

Weighted Shoulder Wraps are very similar to the blankets except much more narrow - to accommodate only the neck and shoulder areas.  These are very useful to the individual who feels regular stress throughout their neck and shoulders and needs a weighted pressure just for those areas.  Many busy professionals have purchased this size.  They find it is a perfect size to wear for a couple of hours in the evening to reduce the pain that stress causes.

The size is 15" by 40". 
The weight is 4-5 lbs.