Weighted Blankets

A weighted GingerWraps item can be a weighted blanket, shoulder wrap, lap-pad or neck-wrap which gives the wearer a comfortable level of deep pressure stimulation. This pressure stimulation allows the user to relax their muscles under the weight of the item and to finally get some relief from the stresses of the day. The comfort of the weight supports the user’s need for being snug and wrapped.  The blanket edging is triple stitched and all stitching is tight and uniformed to ensure long lasting usage. 

Sleeping with weighted blankets:

When you sleep under a weighted blanket, you will feel an all-over hug on your body.  This gives the user a feeling of contentment and security.  If you find yourself piling on the regular blankets just to get that same feeling of weight, then it's time for a weighted blanket.

Lounging with weighted blankets:

Weighted blankets are perfect to give you that little extra hug whenever you are resting on the couch - watching TV or just reading a good book.  

​    The Little Heart With a Big Hug