​    The Little Heart With a Big Hug

​​​​The Benefits of Weighted Blankets

Who Can Benefit From Using a GingerWraps Weighted Blanket? 

The Simple Answer? ............Everyone can benefit!

Anyone who wants that feeling of being snug and secure can benefit from a beautiful GingerWraps weighted blanket.  Many doctors and therapists recommend weighted blankets for insomnia and anxiety and many other health concerns (see below).  This is a perfect non-drug answer featuring Deep Touch Pressure Therapy.  Resting with your blanket during the day, the extra pressure associated with the weighted blankets allows the body to relax and feel secure at the same time.  At night, the weighted blanket assists an individual to fall asleep more quickly and most importantly, assists them to stay asleep longer.  You will probably experience significantly less tossing and turning due to the 'hugging' sensation, thereby allowing you to stay asleep.

Sleeping under a weighted blanket has been shown to help calm anxiety and reduce insomnia. Doctors and occupational therapists alike have heralded weighted blankets as an effective non-drug therapy for sleep and relaxation.  

Many conditions and disorders are calmed by deep pressure stimulation. Here are just some of the conditions which this product has been reported to help soothe:


       Chronic Pain    

       Restless Leg Syndrome

       Tension + Stress

       Anxiety Disorders

       Sleep Disruption


       Parkinson’s Disease




       Sensory Disorders

       Autism + Asperger's

       Down’s Syndrome

       ADD / ADHD

       PDD - NOS



Caution Notes

1.  If you have a medical condition, you should consult a doctor or occupational therapist before using a weighted blanket.  Additionally, anyone suffering from a temperature regulation problem, respiratory, circulatory, or if recuperating after a surgery, should ONLY use a weighted blanket on the advise of their health practitioner.

2.  Never place a weighted blanket on a child under three years of age.  Do not place a weighted blanket on any individual who is not physically strong enough to remove the blanket by themselves.

3.  These blankets are intended for therapeutic use. As beautiful and as comfortable as these blankets are, they are weighted therapy blankets so reasonable caution must be exercised when using them.  If you experience discomfort while using a weighted blanket, discontinue use immediately.

4.  GingerWraps will not be held responsible for any misuse or mishandling of blankets in a client's home.  GingerWraps will not knowingly sell a blanket for use on a child under 3 or to anyone with a medical issue as stated above.  They are not intended as toys and small children should not have access to them without supervision.