​​​​​​​​​​Pricing for all Weighted Items

Weighted Blankets.....

The standards sizes and prices are listed below but most of the blankets are custom sewn to your specifications and this is a guideline only. Material prices vary and this will also affect the final cost of the item.  These prices reflect the poly pellet fill only.  Please ask for pricing with river rock.  You will be notified at the time of material selection if a fabric offered to you is in the premium price zone (most are not). 

Small Size blanket prices are set for size and weight.  Please ensure you are choosing the correct length for the person using the blanket.  Blankets should start at the shoulders and extend down just past the outstretched foot.  

Small blanket (A)      

  • dimensions of 28” x 40”  
  • 4 lbs of weight.......$100 

Medium and Large Size blankets prices are shown with minimum weight included.  Most clients will choose extra weight when ordering.

Medium blanket   

  • dimensions of 39” x 60” (at minimum - blankets will often be wider)
  • already includes 7 lbs of weight.....$155

Large blanket       

  • dimensions of 50” x 70”  
  • already includes 10 lbs of weight.....$250

Additional weight is available at a nominal cost of $6.50 per pound in the Medium or Large Blanket sizes. 
Medium size can be increased in length at a nominal cost of $25 for 10 inches.

DUVET STYLE >>> Something New

Small and Medium blankets can now be made using a

duvet style cover with a weighted insert blanket.  This

allows for easier washing of the exterior while the

weighted section stays protected inside the cover.  All

duvets covers have a neat zipper at the bottom.  If you

prefer the tie closures, just let me know.  The

weighted insert is also fully washable.

A Tie + Loop system is in each corner of the Small Size

blankets keep the insert in place.  The Medium and

Large blankets have additional ties + loops appropriate

to the physical size and/or final weight.

Please add $35 to the total for the Small size blanket

and $45 for this option for the Medium.

This is an excellent option for children's blankets.

Shoulder Wraps + Neck Wraps.....


  • dimensions of 15" x 40"
  • includes 4-5 lbs of weight                   $85


  • dimensions of 7" x 30"
  • weight is 2.5 lbs (no additions)           $35

Lap Wraps + Long Lap Wraps.....
Lap Wrap

  • dimensions of 15” x 20”
  • weight is 3 lbs                                   $45

Long Lap Wrap

  • dimensions of 15" x 30"
  • weight is 4 lbs                                   $65

Duvet Style LapWrap

  • dimension of 17" x 24"
  • weight is 4-5 lbs                                $100

The Business Stuff..... 


As with most custom pieces, full payment is usually required in advance (including shipping costs). Bank e-transfer are preferred for payments.  I also accept Visa and MasterCard but there is an additional fee of $8 per use for credit cards. Your custom order will take between 14-21 days to complete from the date that fabric is chosen depending on the size and complexity of the order. Please just ask me if you would like alternate payment options (ie. 60% deposit and 40% at completion).  I am happy to try and accommodate your request.

I ship all products using Canada Post.  I can also ship via FedEx if requested or we can arrange an alternate delivery method such as meeting in an agreed location, if you are in the area immediately north of Toronto.  

Finalizing your order......

Have you decided on what you would like to order?  



  Need some help with the decision? - I'm happy to offer some help with that.

I will make something truly special for you!

And remember:

  • One-size-never-fits-all 
  • No fiddling with prices (everyone receives the same exceptional service and pricing)
  • You will be offered top quality service at regular blanket prices
  • You decide what colour/style material you want - I don't carry any stock so I can offer you whatever is on the market.
  • I only use factory clean, non-toxic poly pellets OR clean river rock for your fill

Ready? ..............................

​Need More Information?.......

​    The Little Heart With a Big Hug

Small blanket (B)      

  • dimensions of 30” x 48”   
  • 5 lbs of weight....... $114
  • 6 lbs of weight....... $120