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How to Choose the Right Weight and Size

What weight should you get? 

The size and style you choose often depends upon the user's own weight,

body type and stature. Many Occupational and Physical Therapists

recommend that the blankets be approximately 10% of the user’s weight - particularly for children and some professionals suggest adding one or two additional pounds of weight.  Most of the blankets I make for adults are less than the suggested amount as they find that the blankets become too heavy for extended periods of time - such as when they are sleeping. Many times, my clients were ill-advised to purchase a very heavy blanket of 20+ pounds and have come to me remake their blanket or purchase a new one with a more reasonable weight.  

Caution should be exercised as the very high levels of weighted blankets (18+ lbs) were originally designed for individuals who required immediate short-term interaction due to a severe anxiety attacks or for calming purposes in the case of adults with autism and were not necessarily designed for sleeping.  It is always recommended that you check with your health care professional if you are unsure of the best weight for you. 

Weighted therapy blankets are not intended to be the size of a standard bedspread or duvet. Spreading the weight into areas of the blanket which are not used doesn't make much sense and can become unnecessarily costly.  They are intended to cover a single person.    

What size should you get? 

GingerWraps weighted blankets come in four standard sizes and already include some weight.  Additional weight is available at a nominal cost of $6.50 per pound and a total weight must be decided when placing an order. These sizes are a guideline for those unsure of what they should purchase. 

Small blanket "A"       dimensions of 28” x 40”   *includes 4 lbs of weight 

  • this is a good size for a younger child (3-5 yrs)

Small blanket "B"       dimensions of 30” x 48”   *includes  5 OR 6 lbs of weight 

  • this is a good size for a smaller child (5-7 yrs)

Medium blanket    dimensions of 39” x 60”  *includes 7 lbs of weight  

  • this is the most popular size (blanket will usually be a bit wider/longer than noted here)
  • perfect for most youth and adults
  • mainly used for sleeping and relaxing on the couch

Large blanket        dimensions of 50” x 70”  *includes 10 lbs of weight 

  • for the larger individual who requires a fuller body coverage
  • not intended for the average size person as much of the weight would end up on the bed

All sizes listed are the minimum size when completed.  Some blankets will be slightly larger when finished due to sewing peculiarities but if you are specifically requesting a longer blanket, then your blanket can be extended up to 12" longer for an additional $20.


Weighted Therapy Blankets are intended to cover a single person and not a bed size. Please note that there are no weighted blankets that will adequately work for more than one person at a time.  Weighted blankets need to drape down each person to receive the full benefit of the weight and each person should have their own blanket.  For this reason, I do not offer 'twin bed' or 'double bed' or 'couples' sized blankets.