​    The Little Heart With a Big Hug

Designed for an Alzheimer patient

Designed for an Teen with Anxiety

  • zippers
  • bow ties
  • shoelaces
  • buttons
  • pouches for small attached items 
  • hiding flaps
  • ​pom-poms

​​Fidget Pads

What are they?

Fidget Pads hold a combination of items which keeps restless hands moving in a safe and comforting way.  There are as many styles and types of Fidget Pads as there are people who need them.  These should be special and unique to the user.  Perhaps their favourite colour and type of activity such as a green and blue fishing Pad or perhaps a pretty yellow and green gardening Pad.  The choices are only limited by our imaginations.

Who needs one?

These Fidget Pads are of excellent benefit to those people who often feel anxious and just need to fiddle with something.

Special needs individuals often fiddle with their clothing or their hair, or they might chew their nails or constantly flick their fingers.  

Others who enjoy these Pads are individuals with Alzheimer's or dementia.  These Fidget Pads will help keep them busy and calm.  

Are there different sizes available?

There are two sizes that I am currently making.  Standard and Extra-Long.  The Standard size is approximately 14" x 14" and is perfect for the tucking into a purse as a take-along.  The Extra-Long size has a larger surface and can accommodate several additional activities.

What should I include on a Fidget Pad?

There are so many different options......

A Fidget Pad might be made to look like a quilt with different coloured squares to force the eyes to recognize patterns and light/dark tones.  It might be all one colour with a variety of activities sewn into it or, it might be made of just interestingly shaped material with no attachments at all.  It really is what you want it to be.  Here is a suggestion list of possible additions.  But remember, this is only a small sample of what could be used on your Fidget Pad.  All items are at least double sewn and some are triple sewn to ensure durability.

Designed for a Young Child with Autism

Designed for an Alzheimer patient

  • ruffles
  • lace
  • beads sewn closely to the fabric
  • hanging beads
  • a ​single worry-stone bead
  • twisted ribbon
  • hanging ribbon

How do I order one?

This is the fun part!  Simply decide what you would like.  Choose a theme or a combination of colours.  It can have no attachments, simple attachments or many attachments.  

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