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Fabrics and Fill

The Fabric Options

GingerWraps does not limit the design imagination to a few selected bolts of fabric.  Things are done a little differently here.  There are no 'stock fabrics' to show you that are sitting on the back shelf waiting patiently for someone to buy them because, well..........that is just not what GingerWraps does.  

At GingerWraps, the sky is (almost) the limit when considering fabric.  

Here is how it works....

  1. If you are searching for a very specific colour, you will be sent a Colour Chart where you choose your colour(s) from nearly 800 tones and shades.
  2. You can choose a style of pattern as well.  (flowers, animal prints, solids, elegant, etc.)
  3. Within 2 to 3 days, you will receive an email with a wide selection of pictures of fabrics which have been chosen specially for you that meet your criteria.
  4. I will suggest matching or contrasting fabrics for the back of the item and that will be chosen at your discretion.

That's all there is to it.  Beautiful and uniquely designed for you.

And remember, if you have seen a fabric on another site which you are considering, I can probably get that too - PLUS so many more that will interest you in the colour and design you prefer.  Why limit yourself?

The Fill Options

There are two standard fill options that are used.  No additional quilt batting or cotton is used as it is not recommended by Occupational Therapist or Physical Therapist and it tends to add unnecessary additional heat.  

Poly Pellets:   Only factory clean and high quality plastic poly pellets (polypropylene pellets) are used as 'the weight' in all GingerWraps weighted therapy items.  They are non-toxic, very small oval pellets which give the weighted item its smooth and consistent look.  They are noted to be chemically safer and do not leach chemicals as some other plastic pellets can.  These are the same pellets used in many stuffed animals, dolls and other toys and they are the recommended fill for these items as they have a higher melting point than the undesirable polyethylene pellets.

River Rock:  River rock is a completely natural substance and can be easily be substituted in place of the Poly Pellets.  Although the rocks are very small, they do not have the same flowing smoothness of the pellets and you will find the weighted item might look a tiny bit lumpier in places.  It is important to note, however; that this does not detract from the overall benefits.  

Each of the blankets pictured below was filled using river rock.  Please note that choices for material may be more limited due to the requirement of stronger fabrics or double construction.  Please ask about special pricing for River Rock.