​    The Little Heart With a Big Hug

What is 'GingerWraps'.....

GingerWraps makes Custom Weighted Blankets in various styles and sizes.  This is a small but fast growing company.  Check back often - you never know what new and exciting items will be added. Have you seen the Fidget Pads for individuals who need to keep their hands busy?

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Duvet style weighted blankets - easy to keep the cover clean!

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What Makes GingerWraps Weighted Blankets Special.....

​​These blankets are a little different than the other ones you will find on the market because I don't carry standard stocks of material. Each blanket is individually designed and the raw materials are purchased for that blanket alone.  That is what makes your blanket so special.  I work on yours and only yours until it is completed.  A truly custom sewn experience.

  • You choose the colour(s) you want
  • You choose the type of fabric and style of design you want
  • You receive a unique creation
  • Each blanket is hand-crafted just for you with a little heart hug sewn onto each blanket

​Many of the blankets I make are for people who just find they need something to calm the senses due to physical ailments or emotional/sensory overload. And it works!  The feedback has been remarkable.  People are so happy with these blankets and they are getting the sleep they need every night....... that IS the most important thing.  

To read about each of the products, click the main links on the left side.  To read more about each product, click on the secondary (pop-up) links.

How GingerWraps Got Started.....

Because I am personally connected to individuals with autism and their daily challenges, I knew several people who were looking for weighted blankets - either for themselves or for their special needs child.  They wanted a blanket that could be made quickly, for a reasonable price and most importantly, here in Canada. 

After doing significant research to understand the requirements and needs of those who use these blankets, GingerWraps sprang to life.

And these blankets are not just for individuals with autism, many of my clients are adults who have other sleeping issues.  Read the section on The Benefits of Weighted Blankets.  They are not just the 'hottest trend' in sleeping aids - they actually work!

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